Luxury Moss Rug Hand Tufted Wool Pet Mat Pet Rug

$196.60 USD $249.00 USD


Moss, as a member of nature, is tiny but tough. Inspired by nature and based on geometric forms, the state of moss is presented through clever design. The high and low undulation reproduces the beauty of nature. And we are used to the hustle and bustle of the city for a long time, will yearn for the quiet forest life, why not move the forest into the home, feel the comfort and coziness of nature.


Made of high quality high grade fabrics, the soft and thick fabric provides a comfortable and warm place for your pet to rest.


With complex handcrafted techniques, the pattern is more vivid and presents a natural undulating texture, creating the original natural look and feel. It is a dual enjoyment of visual and tactile sensation.


A variety of color splicing, natural and fresh colors, to create a spiritual oasis. Not only can it be placed anywhere in the home, but it can also easily match a variety of home styles.

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Josie Harry

This rug has really nice details and is soooo cute and fun. Its very soft and feels like such a nice quality. The colors don't bleed and threads haven't started to degrade even after multiple scrubbings and shampooing!

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